Elon Musk’s One Lane Tunnels Underneath Las Vegas Are Expanding – With More Than 50 Stations Planned

It has been reported that Elon Musk’s Boring Company has finally gotten authorized access for the expansion of its monorail project in Las Vegas. With this development, the Las Vegas loop can easily connect to the city’s suburbs. This huge project comprises an association of tunnels under the most crowded and jam-packed locations in Las Vegas, and this network will extend up to 34 miles (54.7 kilometers).

In a press conference held by Las Vegas’ Executive Director of Infrastructure, Mike Janssen, he said that the business plan of this project is based on 55 stations in a tunnel and will cover all those areas that are most visited by people, such as Harry Reid Airport and Allegiant Stadium. He further stated that the Boring Company will be independent of any taxpayer funding and will spend on the project with its own money. Furthermore, he said that the money injected by any private land owners will also be accepted for the project. It should be noted that he has been associated with this company for a long time and has been taking part in this project as well.

As per the recent tweet of the Boring Company, it is stated, “Thanks to the entire team at the City of Las Vegas! Great discussion today, and The Boring Company is excited to build a safe, convenient, and awesome transportation system in the city”. It is worth noting that the company was first granted approval to start its operations on the project back in 2020. Then, in 2021, the company was permitted to commence the first milestone of the project, which was aimed to be about 29 miles long.

Yesterday’s meeting regarding the project was focused on the approval of their “monorail agreement”, and the meeting further envisioned that they have no exclusive rights to the Las Vegas project, meaning that any other monorail project from any type of transportation company can be installed there for the next 50 years.

To explore ground conditions and to aid in the final touches of the project, a pilot tunnel at the Las Vegas Convention Centre has been established, which has transformed a 25-minute walk into just a 2-minute ride. Isn’t it amazing! But the riders didn’t find it practicable when they examined and tested the tunnel at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2022. This is because the cruising speed of the vehicles comes out to be 35 miles per hour rather than the planned speed of 150 miles per hour in that tunnel. Seeing this impact, they showed a lack of interest in the tunnel project, as reported by Electrek.  Numerous videos of the tunnel also showed jam-packed footage of the underground tunnel area.

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