Elon Musk’s Giant ‘X’ Sign Is Going To Cost His Landlord Fees For Building Without A Permit

Elon Musk, the billionaire behind X, the former Twitter, has set tongues wagging once again, but this time it’s not just his ambitious projects causing a stir. A massive “X” sign, proudly erected atop X’s San Francisco headquarters, has ignited a storm of complaints from disgruntled neighbors. As if that wasn’t enough, the property owner of the building will now face a financial headache, being charged hefty fees for the lack of permits associated with the installation and dismantling of Musk’s grand signage.

The “X” logo, an attention-grabbing display, was boldly placed on the roof of X’s headquarters, garnering both awe and annoyance. Neighbors expressed their discontent, describing the sign as “unstable” and expressing concern about the “distressing strobing light” it emitted. In response to the complaints, construction workers were seen taking down the sign on Monday.

A spokesperson from the Department of Building Inspection, Patrick Hannan, revealed that the property owner would be held accountable for the unpermitted installation of the illuminated structure. The fees will encompass building permits for both the installation and removal of the sign, along with covering the costs of the investigation conducted by the Department of Building Inspection and the Planning Department. The exact fee amount will be calculated when a permit application is submitted, considering the valuation of the work performed without a permit, investigation costs, and the original permit expenses.

Despite the oversight in obtaining permits, the property owner can obtain a building permit to remove the “X” sign after the fact, citing safety concerns. Nevertheless, city officials had already issued a notice of violation on Friday once it was discovered that the sign had been installed without the necessary permit.

The fallout from the incident didn’t end there, as the Department of Building Inspection received 24 complaints over the weekend, focusing on the sign’s structural safety and illumination. While Elon Musk’s actions often make headlines, this isn’t the first time he’s found himself at odds with the building’s landlord. In January, the same landlord filed a lawsuit against Musk and X, accusing them of failing to pay millions of dollars in rent.

As the situation unfolds, how both Musk and the property owner will navigate the aftermath of the “X” sign fiasco remains to be seen. With X continuing to lease significant office space at 1355 Market Street, the relationship between the parties involved could become even more complex.

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