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Elon Musk Warns Tesla Employees About Leaking Sensitive Information

Email Warning Tesla Employees About Leaking Information Gets Leaked!

We all know the strong stance that musicians take against leaks and the SoundCloud Rapper Elon Musk is no different! The CEO of Tesla is quite annoyed, and an email that was also ironically leaked was sent by Tesla to its employees where the company has warned the employees about outsiders who ‘will do anything to see us fail’ and how these outsiders are targeting employees for leaking information via social media and other means.

As is the norm with such emails, it reminded the employees that they have all signed confidentiality agreements with Tesla. This implies that Tesla can take legal action against them if anyone decides to dishonor this particular agreement. The email stated, ‘Tesla will take action against those who improperly leak proprietary business information or violate the non-disclosure obligations to which we all agreed. This includes termination of employment, claims for damages, and even criminal charges.’

The email went on to state that, ‘When anyone joins Tesla, they agree they “will hold in the strictest confidence and will not disclose use, lecture upon or publish” any of Tesla’s confidential and proprietary information.’ The company has been facing the growing issue of employees that have been potentially sharing sensitive information with the press, and the email’s threatening tone was no doubt directed at them.

During the start of this year, an employee of Tesla was caught sharing confidential business information via Twitter, including production numbers, with journalists. Another employee was made to leave the company because it came to light that the said employee had posted the phone number to an internal meeting on social media.

Tesla is not the only company that has to deal with leaks. While sometimes the companies do intentionally ‘leak’ information, such leaks are meant to create buzz and feature harmless information. However, leaking sensitive data can do a lot of harm to tech companies. Steve Jobs was infamous for rigorously following up with anyone who was willing to leak tech details about any future projects. Elon Musk is no different actually. He has been getting into squabbles with the media and has challenged it more than once. Elon believes that he is working for the betterment and changing of the world.

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