Elon Musk Tweets New Video Of The First Tunnel By The Boring Company

musk tunnel endpoint

The Boring Company has been working on its LA/Hawthorne tunnel for a while. The company reported that the transportation project is seeing significant progress. Elon Musk has been continuously updating the fans about the development of the project. He offered free rides through the tunnel space and also shared videos of the tunnel digging machine in action. The date for the completion of the project was December 10th, and the endpoint for it was O’Leary Station. The company is planning a dramatic unveiling and Musk is convinced that the company will meet the deadline for the 4.2m wide and 1.6km long tunnel.

Musk tweeted a series of videos and confidently congratulated the company on completing the LA/Hawthorne tunnel! and Cutting edge technology! The digging was not creating any disturbance. However, some residents living around the project area in Hawthorne filed a lawsuit stating that they were not informed before the construction began. Despite the trial, the local government has faith in the project to improve an essential environmental wavier in August. Musk continued to share posts throughout the year to build confidence and to quieten the critics.

At one hearing when the public and the local government asked about the speed of the digging, Boring Company Senior Director of Facilities and Construction Brett Horton, explained the urgency behind the project and said, “We are trying to revolutionize transportation. We don’t want to get bogged down, and we want to show potential investors, other cities, the city of Hawthorne, our employees, that we can succeed, we will succeed, and we won’t slow down, and we won’t take any approach that doesn’t get us to our goal as quickly as possible.”


The company has three other ambitious projects in line which have attracted a lot of attention. If these projects are executed successfully, they will help to secure more funding for future projects. Since the tunnel project started in 2017, Musk has been fearless and had a strong belief in the success of his project. He believed in the transformative potential of the infrastructure which kept the momentum of the project going on. With each development in the project, he became better at turning the opposition into positive momentum. Fingers crossed for the future of Boring company!

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