Elon Musk Thinks That AI Is A Bigger Threat Than North Korea

About nine countries of the world are equipped with nuclear weapons, and the long standing conflicts between the US and North Korea are breeding threats of a nuclear war. The US President Donald Trump took this discussion to Twitter and soon arguments about the nuclear warheads broke out. The world fears a nuclear war, but Elon Musk, the former advisor to the presidential cabinet, thinks that the artificial intelligence is a much bigger threat than nuclear weapons.

Image Credits: Futurism

The famous investor and business magnate, Elon Musk, has repeatedly mentioned the problems that AI will bring to the human race.

Recently, he said that it is even worse than a nuclear war.

Sounds like a joke? Not it isn’t. You would probably think that the founder of organizations like OpenAI and Neuralink would avoid saying such a thing. However, Musk wishes to regulate the AI. He continues to say that,

The first bomb dropped on Musk’s concerns was ‘Game of Thrones’ jokes:

Some may have taken the Tweet seriously, but others thought it was a comparison of oranges and apples.



In the end, the problem remains a laughing matter because AI is still a cute little toddler, isn’t it?

A machine learning specialist and adjunct professor at Standford, Reza Zadeh, who is also the CEO of a tech company Matroid, still considers that weapons are comparatively a bigger threat, as he tweets:

Zadeh got a pretty apt reply from Musk:

Before we start argument about the greatest threat to the World, we might just want to take a glance at the list of the disasters that our planetĀ is about to face. Nuclear war, climate change, AI, just name it! It is not an easy task to select one out of this deadly and scary list.

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