Elon Musk Shares Cartoon Clip Starring Tesla’s Cybertruck

Tesla’s Cybertruck is the company’s answer to can truck also run on batteries. Yes, they can and they can look good while doing it. Cybertruck’s design made headlines when it was announced because no one had seen the design before. It had a unique polygon shape that made it feel futuristic than dated. Cybertruck isn’t available on the market yet but deliveries will start later this year. Maybe this is why Tesla is going all out in its marketing.

In a tweet yesterday, Elon Musk shared an animated video of what seems to be an action clip with the Cybertruck at it’s center. The premise of the video was a futuristic one giving some cyberpunk vibes as well. The video showcased a post-apocalyptic world where robots seem to be on the streets and with machine guns no less. The video starts with two cars, one of which is the Cybertruck, speedily approaching what seems to be a floating platform of some kind.

The platform looked like a portal which was made apparent near the end of the video. The truck dukes it out with the robot dogs while a woman fires a machine from the window of the other car. The driver then talks about a bomb while smashing through a horde of robot dogs while casually saying “Take it easy, it’s a piece of cake”. It became apparent that the cars wanted to escape whilst destroying the portal behind them.

Both cars also featured a kind of rope that was used to drag the bomb to the portal. This could’ve been a showcase of the truck’s ability to pull stuff. Musk might just be teasing some new action flick centered around the whole premise of the short video. Could this mean the Tesla is also stepping foot in the movie-making business? Is this a new Netflix show? The driver forbodes some kind of dark, meaning the cars are escaping from something.

The driver says “The dark is coming. Now is the time. It’s now or never. Just go for it”, just moments before the truck runs off a cliff and into the portal, destroying it behind them. This could also be a fanmade animation that Musk just shared but he wouldn’t fail to give credits right? The animation job was pretty good. Reporters argue that the robots looked similar to the ones from Boston Dynamics. Could this video be some sort of jab at them as well?

Whatever the reasons behind the video. The animation was pretty good and the Cybertruck looked amazing.

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