Elon Musk Says You Could Lose Some Followers On Twitter Soon – Here Is Why


Twitter will be deleting accounts that have been inactive for a long time, according to billionaire Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Musk made this choice in an effort to increase engagement and revenue potential on the platform, which he purchased for $44 billion last year. However, many users will see a reduction in their number of followers as a result of this change.

Musk has implemented several changes at Twitter since taking over, such as reducing staff and eliminating free verification check marks. These changes have caused some users and advertisers to feel alienated, but Musk is continuing to pursue his plans to increase engagement and profitability.

In April, Twitter’s blue ticks, which are considered a symbol of authenticity, were reinstated on several high-profile accounts, including those of celebrities and media outlets. However, this move was met with protest by many of the recipients, though Musk claimed to be “personally paying for a few subscriptions.” Despite the reinstatement, US public radio NPR suspended its activity on Twitter in mid-April.

The suspension was triggered by Twitter’s labeling of certain accounts as “state-affiliated” and “government-funded,” a practice that had previously been reserved for media outlets funded by autocratic governments. Many media organizations, including AFP, objected to these labels and have opted not to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Since Musk bought Twitter, the social media site has loosened its rules for content moderation, enabling many users who had been barred for encouraging hatred or disinformation to rejoin. Due to advertisers’ reluctance to use the network, Twitter’s revenue has decreased as a result.

In conclusion, Musk’s declaration that dormant Twitter accounts will be deleted aims to boost the platform’s engagement and profitability. It is yet unclear how consumers and advertisers will react to this decision, particularly in light of the recent labelling debate. While it’s unclear what Musk will do with Twitter moving forward, it is clear that he wants to change things up and make the social media network more competitive.


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