Elon Musk Says WhatsApp Cannot Be Trusted – And It Has Caused Quite A Storm

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and a successful entrepreneur, recently shared his lack of trust in WhatsApp, a widely used social networking platform. Musk had previously endorsed Signal, a competing messaging app.

Musk’s latest remark about WhatsApp stemmed from a tweet by a Twitter engineer who posted a screenshot of the app using the device’s microphone while the user was asleep. Many WhatsApp users have reported this issue over the past month, with some suggesting that restarting the device or toggling the mic access notification might fix the problem.

This occurrence raises concerns about messaging app privacy and security. While these apps are supposed to be secure and private, the possibility that WhatsApp could access a user’s microphone without their knowledge or consent is distressing. Such actions could jeopardize sensitive information.

WhatsApp has reaffirmed its commitment to user privacy and security in response to Musk’s criticism. The firm stated that it did not listen in on a user’s microphone without their specific consent, and it advised users to report any issues to its support staff.

Despite being a popular chat medium, this event emphasises the necessity of internet security. Users should examine their privacy settings, use strong and unique passwords, and exercise caution when providing personal information to protect their privacy and security.

To summarize, Musk’s remarks serve as a warning to prioritize online privacy and security. As technology progresses, it is critical to keep aware about potential risks and take the necessary precautions to protect our personal data.

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