Elon Musk Says There Is A Chance AI Will End Humanity

The brilliant businessman who founded SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, has expressed more worries over the possible risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI). During the four-day Abundance Summit, Musk gave a speech at the “Great AI Debate” seminar, in which he cautioned that there is a remote but genuine possibility that AI may endanger humankind. Echoing the views of other AI scientists such as Geoff Hinton, Musk proposed that there is a 10 to 20 percent possibility that AI might wipe out mankind. Musk, however, thinks that the advantages of AI exceed the disadvantages. He underlined the necessity of exercising prudence and enforcing regulations to guarantee that AI is developed securely.

Musk is particularly concerned about the speed at which AI technology is developing. He believes AI will outsmart human intelligence by 2030. Comparing the process of creating AI to that of parenting a child, Musk emphasized the significance of instilling in AI a sense of curiosity and honesty. He compared the process of creating advanced artificial intelligence, or AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), to raising a child that is exceptionally intelligent, highlighting the importance of a child’s upbringing in determining its behavior.

Musk suggested a straightforward but effective solution to allay these worries: making sure AI is designed to always tell the truth. He made the case that once AI learns to lie, it becomes difficult to rein in its actions, which could have negative effects.

The current discussion about the moral and security consequences of artificial intelligence is highlighted by Musk’s remarks. Although artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential to advance several industries, including healthcare, transportation, and entertainment, experts like Elon Musk continue to emphasize the need for responsible research and oversight to avoid unfavorable consequences.

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