Elon Musk Says Tesla Is Going To 10x Its Output Soon

Under the driven direction of Elon Musk, Tesla sold a record 1,808,581 cars in 2023, marking an incredible accomplishment. Although this was a noteworthy accomplishment for the manufacturer of electric cars (EVs), it does not meet the company’s aggressive goal of selling 20 million vehicles a year by the end of the decade. Critics have reacted to Musk’s audacious declaration of this objective with a mixture of skepticism and derision.

Tesla would need to grow its sales by more than ten times its 2023 levels in order to meet its goal. Musk admitted the enormous difficulty, saying on the social networking site X (previously Twitter) that, although a 10-fold increase in productivity is challenging, it is achievable with a great deal of effort.

The platform for its next-generation electric vehicles is a crucial component of Tesla’s growth strategy. This technology is projected to facilitate the production of a dedicated robotaxi without manual controls in addition to Tesla’s planned $25,000 vehicle. Once launched, this platform may be widely adopted due to its affordability and ease of use.

However, Tesla’s ability to grasp Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology will determine how well its growth strategy works. Even with its strong sales numbers, Tesla might find it difficult to set itself apart from other major automakers if it does not have autonomous capabilities.

To sum up, Elon Musk’s plan for Tesla is absolutely groundbreaking. Although some question the viability of Tesla’s 20 million car objective, Musk’s history of exceeding expectations indicates that the business may succeed in reaching this lofty ambition by 2030. The ability of Tesla to innovate—especially in fields like FSD—and carry out its plans effectively will be crucial.

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