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Elon Musk’s Prank On April Fools Has Backfired On Him


Elon Musk made the worst April fool’s joke of all time. It all started with his usual series of tweets.

A day after Elon tweeted his joke, Tesla’s stock fell almost 7 percent. The shares dropped to $248 per share. This is nearly 36% decrease from the company’s peak worth of $389. The company reached this hit in the last summers. The drop in the shares was basically a reaction to Musk’s April Fools’ prank.

The fall in the stocks was very obvious since the bold joke came from a man who is heading a company which has more than $10 billion in debt. He had the worst month in the stock exchange during the past seven years. Three days prior to the tweet, he recalled a huge number of vehicles. In addition to that, he also missed another production milestone. Musk also faced scrutiny for the death of a driver of a vehicle which was operating in autonomous mode. He also avoided going bankrupt narrowly in the past. So no surprise that people actually believed him!

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