Elon Musk Says That There Is A 70% Chance That He Will Move To Mars

musk is moving to mars

Elon Musk recently appeared in an exclusive interview with HBO and declared that there is a 70% chance that he will go to Mars in a future SpaceX expedition. He said that he is excited about the recent developments at SpaceX and this is the reason he believes even more on his plans for Mars. When asked if moving to Mars will turn into an escape hatch for rich people, Musk said that going to the red planet will be tough. It needs a lot of hard work and it also increases the chances of the visitor’s death exponentially.

Musk also linked the motivation of going to Mars as climbing the Mount Everest. He said that the tickets to go to Mars would cost as little as few hundred thousand dollars which will make the journey accessible for others. Musk also said that people who are interested in moving to the red planet should be ready for the hard work to build a base since the return to earth might not be an option. Musk aimed to make life ‘interplanetary’ for several years. SpaceX is also planning to send the first cargo mission in 2022 and later on a crewed mission in 2024.

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