Elon Musk Picks An Unusual Name For The Boring Company’s First Machine

The boring company

Having unusual names for everything is quite a trend, whether it is babies or electronic equipment. Scientific discoveries and gadgets often take their names after historical figures. The planets of our solar system are named after Greek and Roman gods. New vehicles and equipment are often designated with a particular number series, but Elon Musk has always been a little different in the naming department like the Tesla car series was meant to spell ‘SEXY’.

The serial entrepreneur just announced the first machine of his Boring Company and the name is way more surprising than anyone would have thought. Picking something out of English literature has to be the first of its kind in the technological arena. Musk has decided that “naming theme for tunnel boring machines will be poems & plays.” the idea may sound eccentric to some but quite exciting to others. As for the first machine of the Boring Company, one of the most absurd characters of English literature was picked.

Samuel Becket’s Waiting for Godot might be the ultimate love for someone who appreciates absurdist theory and plays. Anyone who has tried dipping their hand in the high-level English literature is aware of the play and its maddening anticlimaxes. The mysterious Godot does not arrive during the entire play despite intense discussion between the two main characters Vladimir and Estragon. As Godot remains the mystery of English literature, forever questioning if anything is happening for real, it fits pretty well to Musk’s mysterious choice for the name.


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