Elon Musk Just Asked Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella For Basic Tech Support In A Tweet

Elon Musk, a highly successful tech entrepreneur and the chief executive officer of firms such as Tesla and SpaceX, just demonstrated how he can relate to an average Joe when he posted a message on X that he had bought for a staggering $44 billion to get some help with his Windows computer. In his tweet, Musk specifically tagged Satya Nadella, who is the head honcho of Microsoft, the company responsible for developing the Windows OS.The company’s CEO, in a tweet, voiced his anger over the setup of a new PC with Windows, saying that he did not want to create a Microsoft account due to privacy reasons. He held the opinion that having an account with Microsoft would allow their AI to have access to his computer, a contention that some people question because you can choose not to share data with Microsoft Copilot, the AI chatbot which comes built-in with Windows 11.

Despite community members on X offering solutions and pointing out that the option Musk was looking for still existed, the billionaire persisted in his stance. He eventually managed to set up his PC without creating a Microsoft account, proving the community notes correct.

Not content to stop at fixing his own problem, Musk went one step further and contacted Nadella directly on X, asking that Microsoft permit people to set up a Windows PC without requiring them to create a new account. In addition, he brought up the fact that he was unable to use his work email address, which he said was his only choice.
Musk made a request, and as of this writing, Nadella has not replied. The conversation between Musk and the CEO of Microsoft sheds light on the difficulties that even billionaires encounter with technology and the extent to which they will go in search of answers, making these titans of business more approachable.

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