Elon Musk Is Really Annoyed That President Biden Didn’t Mention Tesla At The State Of The Union

President Joe Biden and Tesla CEO Elon Musk are continuing their feud.

Musk said no one was watching Biden after the president did not mention Tesla during his hourlong State of the Union address on Tuesday.

“Nobody is watching the State of the Union,” Musk said in an email to CNBC. Biden talked about the $18 billion investments by Ford and GM to build electric vehicles. In this address, Tesla, an electric automaker giant, wasn’t brought up.

Joe Biden, left, and Elon Musk

Musk later tweeted directly to Biden, “Tesla has created over 50,000 US jobs building electric vehicles & is investing more than double GM + Ford combined.”

Earlier, Musk told CNBC in an email exchange that “Biden has pointedly ignored Tesla” while noting that if he was ever invited to a White House event, the administration had “nothing to worry about. I would do the right thing.” Musk has yet to attend a Biden White House meeting with other corporate leaders, including those featuring executives from Ford and GM.

Elon Musk slams Biden as 'not the friendliest' after White House EV summit  snub - The Verge

According to the sources, Biden and senior White House officials have not yet shown plans to invite Musk to any upcoming meetings with senior executives.

Behind the scenes, the president and his team are perturbed with Musk’s criticism.

Biden’s advisors have privately pushed back against inviting Musk to future industry events, as they do not want to risk Musk saying something outspoken or embarrassing.

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