Elon Musk Is Charging iPhone App Users $4 More For Twitter Blue

Elon Musk is apparently going to charge iPhone users more to join up for the Twitter Blue subscription service through Apple’s Software Store rather than the web as he escalates his dispute with Apple over the crippling fees it charges app developers.

According to The Information, the Twitter CEO warned some of his staff that anyone who uses an iPhone to pay for the monthly subscription that provides them with a blue checkmark next to their name would have to spend $11 instead of the $7 that web users pay.

Previously, Musk charged Twitter Blue users $7.99 a month. However, the subscription service was only available through Apple’s App Store at the time.

The iPhone upcharge looks greater than the 30% fee that Apple charges developers for in-app purchases. In addition, apple would not earn a portion of Twitter Blue subscriptions obtained via the web.

Musk previously stated his willingness to “go to war” with Apple rather than pay the commission. In addition, the Twitter CEO has previously threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store after accusing Microsoft of doing the same.

However, Musk tweeted last week that he cleared things up with Apple CEO Tim Cook at a meeting at the iPhone maker’s Cupertino, Calif. headquarters.

Critics have accused Apple of aggressively utilizing its vast market share to charge software developers the 30% commission. Apple is predicted to earn at least $20 billion annually from fees charged through its App Store.

The revamped Twitter Blue is expected to debut on Friday. However, delays are possible.

Musk has stated that the overhauled Twitter Blue will contain several colour badges to help users distinguish between government accounts, corporations, and individuals.

Twitter is also said to be working on a plan to crack down on imposters who wish to impersonate others.

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