Elon Musk Is Building A Huge Mecha Robot

Musk yesterday tweeted that it was time create a Mecha. Mecha is a giant fighting anime robot quite popular in  Science fiction.


Musk has tweeted about anime before and this time too, a few hours before making the Mecha tweet, Musk tweeted the trailer of a Japenese animated drama film.

Musk’s somewhat cryptic tweet left some of his avid followers in a lurch to find out what he was referring to. But it did not take long for most of them to figure that he meant the popular anime Robot Mecha. Others have criticized it saying such a robot would cost millions of dollars and serve no practical purpose and that Elon was probably joking.

Considering Musk’s recent history with tweets, this tweet needs to be taken with some caution. But Elon once also joked about a making flamethrower once and actually made it, despite criticisms from firefighters! Also,it sounds exciting enough anyway for us to warrant hopes for such a robot in the future!

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