Elon Musk Has Teased Fans With Three New EV Models


Tesla is possibly working on three new electric vehicle models: a compact sedan, a passenger van, and a bus, which could mean that Tesla could soon reveal new vehicle designs for the first time in four years. The new models were detailed in a report after Tesla CEO Elon Musk upset supporters at the Investor Day event by showing a presentation of two future camouflaged models but revealing no new vehicles.

The graphic in the paper headed “Batteries for Transportation” shows the data for the yet-to-be-named new cars. The compact vehicle and bus will feature lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries of 53 and 300 kilowatt-hours, respectively, while the passenger van would have a high nickel battery of 100 kilowatt-hours.

The compact automobile, which is rumored to start at $25,000, is especially intriguing for fans because it is substantially less expensive than Tesla’s current cheapest car, the Model 3, which starts at $42,990.

Musk’s emphasis on pricing is seen in his desire to make Tesla vehicles affordable to the general public. “The desire for people to own a Tesla is extremely high,” he said at the Investor Day event. Their capacity to pay for a Tesla is the limiting issue.”

Tesla’s new battery strategy, which aims to lower the cost and environmental impact of battery production, is consistent with the company’s commitment to sustainability. Tesla distinguishes itself from its competition by using LFP batteries in its new models.

While no delivery dates for the new vehicles have been announced, the announcement has sparked excitement and expectation among Tesla enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. It remains to be seen how the new models succeed in the market, but the emphasis on cost and sustainability bodes well for the future of electric vehicles.


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