Elon Musk Has Teased A New Potential Social Media Site Of His Own – X.com

In another episode of Elon Musk’s conquest to own Twitter, he cryptically teased X.com which is a potential new social media platform. In a response to a tweet, he asked what his plans were if his deal to purchase Twitter doesn’t go through.

Elon has become regular in headlines. He is in the midst of a heated battle to purchase the popular social media website Twitter. However, Musk has also been hinting at the creation of his own social media platform in a dramatic response to the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley on Twitter. When the group asked Musk on Twitter if he plans on creating his own social media platform assuming his deal to purchase Twitter doesn’t succeed, Musk crisply replied with a website domain: X.com.

Yahoo Finance says that Musk purchased X.com in 2017 from PayPal, of which he is a former CEO. Musk co-founded X.com back in 1999 as an online bank, before the website was merged with a competitor in 2000. Musk then bought X.com back 17 years later, explaining on Twitter that the domain had “great sentimental value” and that the best use of the domain would be as an umbrella website that would lead users to Musk’s other ventures like Tesla and SpaceX.

This teaser that X.com might soon be used as a potential rival to Twitter also comes after Musk decided to sell $6.9 Billion in Tesla stock, even though he said he wouldn’t sell more.

This whole debacle started earlier this year, with Twitter and Musk entering serious discussions in April to purchase the website. Musk showed his reluctance by citing his interest in figuring out what percentage of the Twitter population was actually bots, before axing the deal in July—a move that has since landed Musk in quite a conundrum.

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