Elon Musk Has Slammed San Francisco’s Mayor Over The Investigation Into Twitter’s Makeshift Bedrooms For Employees

Officials in San Francisco are looking into reports that Twitter has built up sleeping rooms for staff in its Mid-Market building, causing Elon Musk to criticize Mayor London Breed.

According to Forbes, “bedroom pods” have replaced many meeting rooms at Twitter’s 1355 Market St. headquarters in an apparent effort to accommodate employees working long hours at Elon Musk’s hardcore Twitter 2.0.

The HQ redesign triggered a 311 complaint, and the city’s Department of Building Inspection said it would investigate. “We investigate all complaints,” said DBI spokesperson Patrick Hannan. “We need to make sure the building is being used as intended.”

Musk, in reaction, tweeted: “So the city of San Francisco attacks companies who provide beds for tired employees rather than ensuring that children are safe from fentanyl. Where are your priorities, @LondonBreed?”

Musk sent a link to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle last week, which stated that a 10-month-old baby inadvertently consumed fentanyl at Moscone Park in the Marina.

Layoffs and attempts to completely overhaul the social media company have dominated Musk’s tenure. Still, this week’s dramatic run-in with a San Francisco official has sparked the most controversy since Musk took over Twitter in late October.

The spat has fueled speculation over whether Musk may relocate the company’s headquarters out of the Bay Area as he did with Tesla last year. Mayor Francis Suarez has already urged Twitter’s relocation to Miami, telling Musk that “it’s TIME.”

According to sources, Supervisor Aaron Peskin requested on Tuesday that the board hold a hearing on the reported bedroom conversions at Twitter HQ. Peskin anticipates that the hearing will take place in January.

Since there is additional pressure on H1-B visa holders to maintain their positions if they intend to remain in the United States, Peskin is highly concerned about whether Twitter.

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