Elon Musk Has Responded To The Allegations Of His Alarming Drug Use

Elon Musk, the intriguing Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX and Tesla, has recently addressed accusations of unlawful drug consumption, firmly refuting assertions made in a report by the Wall Street Journal. The report put forward the notion that Musk regularly partook in substances such as LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine during gatherings across the globe, causing apprehension among members of his corporate boards.

In response to the accusations, Musk decided to use social media as a platform to address the issue. He made it known that he had been subjected to three years of drug testing at NASA’s behest. According to his account, these tests were conducted randomly and rigorously, spanning an extensive period of time. Remarkably, not even minuscule traces of drugs or alcohol were detected in his system throughout this thorough examination. This statement from Musk comes in the wake of his widely-discussed appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast in 2018, during which he was seen smoking marijuana. This action drew criticism from NASA and subsequently sparked a demand for SpaceX to provide reassurance regarding their adherence to federal laws governing drug-free workplaces.

According to a Wall Street Journal investigation that explores the disquiet within Tesla and SpaceX, several individuals have expressed worries regarding Musk’s purported drug use. A former director named Linda Johnson Rice is said to have quit from Tesla in 2019 for Elon Musk’s erratic actions and drug-related worries. It’s also said that a number of Tesla directors, including current chairperson Robyn Denholm, spoke with Musk’s brother Kimbal to ask for help in dealing with Musk’s actions without specifically bringing up narcotics.

Alex Spiro, Elon Musk’s attorney, refuted the accusations, highlighting the fact that Musk has never failed a drug test and that SpaceX conducts random and routine drug tests. Additionally, Spiro made vague allusions to “false facts” in the Wall Street Journal story.

The report focuses on a previous instance in which Musk resigned as chairman of Tesla and paid a $40 million fine after his tweet about taking the company private in 2018 sparked an SEC inquiry. It has been stated that several of Musk’s acquaintances and Tesla board members were worried that narcotics were influencing his actions at the time.

The public is waiting for further information as Musk responds to these grave accusations and for any comments from the board members of SpaceX and Tesla. Elon Musk has a complex personality, and this scandal just adds to it. His actions frequently cross business lines and come under public scrutiny.

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