Elon Musk Has Just Built An Escape Pod For Thai Football Team Trapped In The Cave

musk helping thai soccer team

Elon Musk has offered to help rescue the Junior soccer team stuck in a cave in Thailand. Musk was asked on Twitter if he can pitch into the rescue effort. Musk replied that he was ‘…happy to help if there is a way to do so”. How he plans to help the international rescue effort is unclear so far. On 23rd June, 12 members of a junior soccer team and their coach visited Tham Luang Cave which is a popular tourist destination in Thailand. When they were inside the rising water blocked their exit and they all got stuck in there. The group is now the focus of the international rescue teams.


It is still not clear how the boys will be rescued. Since the monsoon season is approaching, it is urgent that the boys are rescued soon or the rising water will fill the cave entirely. The rescue efforts involve resources from UK, USA, and local teams as well. The boys are reported to be healthy despite being in a weakened state due to lack of food and sunlight. One option to get them out of the cave is to teach them to dive and swim out of the cave. However, since some of them doesn’t know how to swim, this will be a very risky way. Narongsak Osottanakorn, the commander of search and rescue said, “If it rains and the water volume increases, we have to calculate, how much time do we have? How many hours, how many days? If the water increases, we will go back to where we were.”

Thai and International media all are looking for information on boy’s condition. Local farmers in the area have also paused their work to help the Thai Navy bring water and supplies to the cave entrance. Some farmers also flooded their fields with water so that some water could be pumped out of the cave. The Boring Company of Musk which is a drilling company also intends on reducing the cost of fast underground tunneling. However, there has not yet been a suggestion that where his technology can assist.

Hours later, Elon Musk also provided his proposed solution:

He also shared a video of the proposed solution:

Will this solution work? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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