Elon Musk Has Just Banned A Blogger From Buying The New Tesla Model X

Elon Musk Has Cancelled A Blogger’s Tesla Model X Order 3

We all know Elon Musk and how he approaches things quite differently. It is his this out of the box thinking that has helped him and his company grow so much and achieve so much. However, this particular time he might have gone a bit too far when he banned a blogger from buying the Tesla Model X following a post that criticized the Tesla chief.
Elon Musk Has Cancelled A Blogger’s Tesla Model X Order 2
Elon Musk Has Cancelled A Blogger’s Tesla Model X Order 3

Stewart Alsop is a venture capital investor and wrote a post following his bad experience at a Tesla event. The post was titled, ‘Dear @ElonMusk: You should be ashamed of yourself’ and was regarding the tardiness that was exhibited at a Tesla event. Despite the flaming title, the content was legitimate.Elon Musk Has Cancelled A Blogger’s Tesla Model X Order

The blog post was a result of Musk delaying the proceedings of a Tesla Model X event from the slated time of 7pm to 8:52pm. The event had quite a lot of people who were invited and weren’t just fanboys but the folks that have paid $5,000 deposit for the Model X. Aslop left the event after waiting for two hours without even seeing the car. He writes, “I had been handed a badge that would let me test drive the model, but my badge number was 1344. If you started the event one hour and 22 minutes late, I could only imagine that having 1343 people in front of me to test drive a Model X would have kept me there until, I don’t know, 2am. I made a tactical decision to give up early without ever actually seeing a Model X.”

Aslop, although quite displeased with Musk’s delay and all, still concluded with, “I still really want [a Model X].” That won’t be happening though because Musk called him and conveyed that he viewed this as a personal attack and cancelled his order for a Model X. Aslop has only expressed his disappointment at the fact that he won’t be able to own the car that he really wanted from a company that he holds in high esteem. Aslop was also quite deeply in talks with Musk during Paypal funding discussions before he finally walked away from a deal in 1999.

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