Elon Musk Has Issued A Warning Over A ‘Terminator’ Future After Launching His New AI Company

Elon Musk dropped a bombshell recently about a future similar to that in ‘Terminator.’ Musk has long raised the red flag regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI), and ultimately wants to put an end to its accelerated growth. He’s convinced that advanced AI or superhuman intelligence could be dangerous if it gets out of hand.

The world was abuzz when Elon Musk recently proclaimed he was launching xAI, a business with the mission of uncovering the hidden complexity of our universe. Though there’s still much we don’t know about this project, their team is stacked with A-players from Microsoft, DeepMind and OpenAI. To hash out the particulars on July 14th, Elon will be hosting a Twitter Spaces summit.

Apart from his AI-related endeavors, Musk also shared some intriguing thoughts about extraterrestrial life and consciousness. Responding to a question about whether AI can become conscious, he pondered the origins of consciousness and speculated on the potential consciousness of particles such as quarks and leptons. Musk also expressed his curiosity about the absence of sentient aliens, given the vast expanse of the universe.

Musk’s concerns about AI have been evident for several years, and he has previously called for a halt to the global AI race. While he acknowledges the impracticality of putting a complete pause on advanced AI development, he continues to advocate for caution and responsible implementation to prevent any potential adverse consequences.

Musk’s commitment to discovering and comprehending the boundaries of human knowledge is highlighted by the founding of xAI and his continuous talks on AI and consciousness. He hopes to solve the riddles of the cosmos and provide fresh perspectives on reality by collecting a talented team of specialists.

Elon Musk’s most recent efforts in the field of AI through xAI promise to offer more insights into the significant impact of technology on our lives and the world as a whole as he continues to push boundaries and question conventional thinking. Musk continues to be at the forefront of philosophical and technical developments thanks to his visionary outlook and creative attitude.

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