Elon Musk Has Hinted That He Could “Make Weapons”

Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla, recently asked his audience if he should start a business selling weaponized drones.

After writing about the homicidal “kamikaze” drones used by both sides in what he called “Drone War I,” Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the CEO of SpaceX had this crazy idea.

“Should I make weapons?” he tweeted. “Ideally, not.”

Musk has frequently used Twitter for ridiculous puns and snarky views, so we’re not sure if he’s threatening to enter the armed drone industry or just having a poor tongue-in-cheek comment.

The report of the Associated Press that Musk referred to alleged that both Russia and Ukraine are using armed drones to their advantage. However, it also reported that Russia uses Iranian Shahed series drones in its onslaught on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv; the Shahed series are “kamikaze” or “suicide” drones. Whereas other sources have suggested that Russia is producing their own.

It is worth mentioning that Ukraine has had their share of American drones and has also crowdfunded the procurement of other drones. The Ruso-Ukraine war is precisely how the future of warfare will be.

Well, we all can hope that Musk stays away from the weapons manufacturing industry. But when can we never be sure what Musk can do or what he desires?

The billionaire did respond affirmatively to a suspended user who posted a poorly-made meme of the billionaire in front of a Boring Company sign holding one of the company’s “not-flamethrowers,” suggesting he intends to be a peacekeeper in the conflict.

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