Elon Musk Has Disputed Reports Of Him Making $8.6m Every Hour, Saying He ‘Loses’ Way More Every Time Tesla Stock Drops

In a recent twist, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, found himself in the spotlight as reports claimed that his net worth was soaring at an astronomical rate. According to a Daily Dot report, Musk’s wealth had ballooned from $24.6 billion to a staggering $250 billion over the past three years.

The report broke down these figures to a jaw-dropping $8.6 million increase in net worth every single hour. However, Musk, known for his candid and unconventional approach, was quick to dispute these eye-popping numbers, sparking a conversation about the true nature of his wealth.

Elon Musk’s rebuttal came in the form of a tweet on X (formerly Twitter), where he dismissed the notion of his net worth as a “giant pile of cash.” He pointed out that the wealth calculation was misleading, emphasizing that he primarily owned stock in companies that he had been instrumental in creating. Musk noted, “Technically, I ‘lose’ way more than that every time Tesla stock randomly drops.” This candid response shed light on the volatile nature of his fortune, which is closely tied to the stock performance of Tesla.

As of the close of 2022, Musk held a significant stake in Tesla, with over 423 million shares, representing 13.4% ownership of the electric vehicle company. Tesla’s stock had experienced a meteoric rise, surging by a staggering 19,448% since its listing. This remarkable growth had propelled Musk to the top of Forbes’ real-time billionaire list, making him the wealthiest individual on the planet with a net worth estimated at $252.6 billion. He edged out other high-profile billionaires, including Bernard Arnault and the LVMH family.

Elon Musk’s financial portfolio extends beyond Tesla. In addition to his role as Tesla’s CEO, he owns X Corp and is the visionary founder behind other groundbreaking ventures such as SpaceX, The Boring Company, and Neuralink. This diverse array of companies reflects Musk’s penchant for innovation and his ambition to drive technological advancements in various domains.

All in all, this episode serves as a reminder that the fortunes of billionaires like Musk are often intertwined with the markets and the success of their ventures rather than being a simple accumulation of cash.

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