Elon Musk Has Brought In Tesla Engineers To Review Twitter Code

Shortly after Elon Musk’s Twitter deal went through and he became the owner of the social network, Bloomberg reported that the billionaire had brought in his engineers from Tesla to review the code at the social media platform’s headquarters in California. The use of Tesla engineers on Twitter seemed to indicate that Musk hopes to make changes quickly. Unnamed sources have told Bloomberg that the engineers from Tesla were there to help explain Twitter’s code to Elon Musk. That does sound confusing, as automotive engineers and social media engineers don’t necessarily have much in common. Nevertheless, there is enough crossover that Musk is confident that his team can alert him to potential issues and opportunities. It’s also a potential indication that Musk doesn’t exactly trust the team at Twitter.

The Bloomberg report also noted that Twitter’s code was frozen approximately around the time the deal was closed so that nobody messed with the codebase. Reportedly, the same type of code freeze was in place when the deal was first announced in April. When the news of these code reviews became public, people working on Twitter, which he now owns, had a lot to say about the matter. Insider reported that one user called it “[tire] kicking behavior,” while several others poked fun at how absurd the concept of such a review is. “Imagining some random automotive engineer looking at the presumably millions of lines of code for a few hours then having to bluff to their incredibly dumb boss that it all looks fine,” one user posted.

So tweeted Brooke Magnanti, a romance novelist. “Top notch computering by our age’s most revered genius,” she tweeted, adding that “GO LOOK AT THE CODE is to 21st-century action movie boilerplate what Enhance The Video was to the 20th.”

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