Elon Musk Has Broken His Silence After 10 Million Twitter Users Voted For Him To Step Down

Elon Musk has tweeted for the first time since more than 10 million people voted to remove him as CEO of Twitter, stating that only paid Twitter Blue users would be able to vote in future policy-related polls.

Musk asked Twitter users on Sunday if he should step down as CEO, pledging to follow up on his poll results. When polls concluded on Monday, 57.5 percent thought he should resign immediately.

Musk did not tweet in the hours following the vote. However, his quiet was finally broken when he responded to the numerous claims that the poll results were affected by fake accounts with an “interesting” comment.

“Good point,” said Musk in response to a user’s suggestion that “only blue subscribers may vote in policy polls. ” Twitter will change that,” Musk added.

A Blue Tick verified badge for your account might be purchased through Twitter Blue, a premium membership service.

As the main owner of Twitter, no one can force Musk out, but a string of unforeseen events over the past several days have caused even some of his staunchest friends to turn against him.

The sale of a tenth of Musk’s Tesla stock following a vote in 2021, the restoration of Donald Trump’s account last month, and the restoration of several banned accounts are just a few examples of how Musk has used Twitter polls to endorse significant choices.

He has, however, occasionally shown signs of coming to a conclusion before it was officially stated. For instance, he got Trump reinstated and announced the sale of his Tesla stock well before the voting.

Long before the Twitter poll was revealed, he also made hints about leaving his position as CEO. In November, for example, he told a Delaware court judge that he planned to spend less time on Twitter and that he would “find someone else to manage Twitter over time.”

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