Elon Musk Gets Ahead Of Jeff Bezos As The Richest Man In The World

As per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink, became the richest person worldwide after crossing the net worth of Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.

Musk got to the number 1 spot after seeing a 4.8% boost in Tesla’s shares. And now we might hear even more from an already outspoken billionaire entrepreneur.

The recent increase in Tesla’s shares made him reach $188.5 billion in net worth. These two billionaires contest the number 1 spot, but another competition is the private space race. Both the companies, i-e, Blue Origin, and SpaceX, are in direct competition with making advancements to space.

Musk is a famous billionaire already, but the guy knows no stopping. The previous year saw an increase of $150 billion increase in his wealth, and now jumping to the number spot is probably the biggest achievement of his life. The most amazing part of his journey is that he reached this position at quite a good pace.

However, the most significant factor in Musk jumping to become the world’s richest is Tesla’s shares unprecedented growth. As per Bloomberg, Tesla’s share price surged 743% alone in 2020. Tesla has now also been included in the S&P 500 Index, along with widespread adoration of Wall Street has helped reach this mark.

We can say that the multi-billionaire and now the new richest in the world is pretty self-centered too. In a Tweet, he mentioned ‘How Strange’ when he reached the new mark and responded with ‘Back to work again.’

Worthy to note is that the increase in Tesla’s shares widens the gap between electric carmakers and other carmakers in competition. Alone in 2020, Tesla has mass-produced nearly half-million units, which is much more than other automakers such as Ford and General motors.

Musk is almost about 50 years old, and the guy has earned in more than one way alone with Tesla, other businesses, and investments aside. Besides his 20% stakes in Tesla, he is also sitting on about $42 Billion in unrealized paper gains from vested stock options.

Interestingly, the richest guy in the world has shown a lack of interest in material gains time and again. In an interview held in 2019, he stated that the main objective of earning all this wealth is to utilize it to accelerate human civilization into space. On another occasion, he mentioned that he wants to contribute the most to building a city on Mars. Which obviously requires money in mad amount, and it seems like he is just in the direction he wants.

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