Elon Musk Enters Twitter Headquarters Carrying A Sink As Deadline To Buy Company Nears

Elon Musk paid a visit to Twitter’s headquarters ahead of a weekend deadline to close his deal to buy the company, posting a video of himself carrying a sink in the company’s San Francisco lobby.

“Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!” he tweeted Wednesday.

Musk also changed his Twitter handle to “Chief Twit” and his location to Twitter headquarters.

Musk’s impromptu visit came as a surprise to employees. “Elon is in the SF office this week meeting with folks, walking the halls, and continuing to dive in on the important work you all do,” according to a shared screenshot of an email reportedly sent out to staff.

“If you’re in SF and see him around, say hi!” the email reads. “For everyone else, this is just the beginning of many meetings and conversations with Elon, and you’ll hear directly from him on Friday,” referring to the date Musk is rumored to close the deal.

Musk informed co-investors earlier this week that he will close his agreement to acquire the company, ending months of uncertainty after the billionaire agreed to buy the social network, then tried to back out. Following the news, shares soared, approaching the original purchase price of $54,20, according to Reuters.

Despite Musk’s surprise appearance, it was unclear whether his purchase of Twitter had been completed. Twitter confirmed Musk’s video tweet was real but declined to comment further, AP reported.

Pepperdine University law professor Robert Anderson said he expected the deal to close by Friday’s deadline, but he didn’t make much of the video.

“I think he’s just visiting the headquarters, and I don’t see anything unusual about it other than that he brought a sink,” he said.

If the deal is completed, Mr. Musk will visit Twitter this week and return on Friday, according to an internal memo cited in a Bloomberg News report.

The Washington Post reports that Mr. Musk told investors he intended to fire three-quarters of Twitter’s 7,500 employees once he owned the company.

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