Did Elon Musk Create Bitcoin? Former SpaceX Intern Has Compelling Arguments

Satoshi Nakamoto is the world’s most elusive billionaire and the founder of Bitcoin. His worth is worth about $7 billion as of November 2017. Even though his real identity is unknown, there have been many theories about who he might be. The latest one comes from Sahil Gupta who is currently a student at Yale University and a former intern at SpaceX. He believes Elon Musk to be the creator of Bitcoin.

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Elon Musk has dipped his toes in almost everything and he is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and also the founder of so many other companies that he has consolidated his revolutionary ideas. He is an international figurehead for all tech-related things and has been a part of government advisory boards.

Owing to his popularity in the field, Sahil Gupta has made some connections between Elon Musk and Satoshi Nakamoto and believes that he could be the father of Bitcoin. Gupta interned at SpaceX in 2015 and claims, “The 2008 Bitcoin paper was written by someone with a deep understanding of economics and cryptography. Elon has a background in econ and wrote production-level internet software for Zip2 and X.com / Paypal.” Gupta also noted that Musk had a “firm grasp” of C++ at SpaceX as well.

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“Experience aside, Elon is a self-taught polymath,”  he continued. “He’s repeatedly innovated across fields by reading books on a subject and applying the knowledge.” Furthermore, Elon Musk seems to genuinely care about the world and the timing of Bitcoin was during the financial crisis of 2008. This was the perfect opportunity for a currency without a bank interruption to succeed. “Would he have wanted to create it? Probably,” Gupta said.

Elon Musk is not one to stay silent and generally shares his views on all topics. He has been very silent on the topic of cryptocurrency. He has said at times that he does not own any bitcoin and made the following tweet back in 2014.

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There is talk that Musk made the cryptocurrency for use on Mars but there is no evidence supporting this theory. Musk has a net worth of almost $20 billion and he doesn’t need the money. Apart from that, his tone towards cryptocurrency is not very favorable, and he associates it with illegal transactions. Is he the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto or not? You be the judge of that.

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