Electronic Water Guns Are Here To Add More Fun To Your Water Fights

spyra one water gun

Water guns work on a simple mechanical operation. They can be plain pump-to-fire pea shooters or big, Super Soakers which have shoulder straps and pressurized tanks. All that you need is some water and your arms to start shooting water. Now Spyra One is bringing water guns which are not as simple as the traditional ones. The campaign began on Kickstarter has already met its funding goals.

The Spyra One is the ‘next generation of water guns’ and comes with many exciting features like an automatic pressurized tank, an ammo counter, burst fire operation which fires water bullets, a quick fill feature, and a battery. The battery life of Spyra One lasts one full day with 45 recycles and 1125 shots.

Another feature of the Spyra One is the autofill feature. However, this feature is available in other water guns as well which were featured at the Toy Fair 2018. It is safe to say that the feature will spread more with time and there are no batteries are required for that. It will be interesting to see what can happen when you mash up technology and water guns.

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