Egypt Sends Robot Submarine To Search For Missing Plane


The EgyptAir 804 flight that has been the center of attention of the world right now probably crashed into the Mediterranean sea and rescuers have been frantically searching for its debris throughout the vast sea. Teams from USA, Italy, France, Greece and Egypt itself taking part in one of the biggest searches for a plane in the region. They are using planes, ships, speed boats, hovercraft and still nothing has ben found except for a few pieces of seats and luggage. In all certainty, the plane is lying at the bottom of the sea, and now it is the beyond the job of aircraft and ships to find it. Keeping this in mind, Egypt has sent its own robot submarine to look for the plane and is expected to make sustained efforts to locate it underwater.

Egypt 804 robot submarine launched2

The likely crash site is in the north of Egyptian city of Alexandria, and several offshore oil companies are also operating in the area. Now oil companies also have submersibles that can reach kilometers below the surface and they have also been directed to the site. One of these submarines is a special remotely piloted one that can reach almost three kilometers below the surface close the seabed itself. The main aim of the efforts now is to locate the black box and find out the cause of the crash which is very fishy at the moment since there has been hue and cry about the presence of smoke in the cabin minutes before it crashed or exploded.

Egypt 804 robot submarine launched

Now the black box sends “pings” into the air which are distress signals that one can look for. Using SONAR and other navigation systems, we can lead to the crash site and recover it. But, it does get more complicated when something is buried beneath the sea, and we need to use acoustic headphones along with other equipment. The searchers have 30 days to look for the beeps before the battery of the black box runs out. The unfortunate victims of the crash include ten crew members and 56 passengers including 30 Egyptians and 15 French people.

Until now, the crash is the deadliest in the current year. It is crucial to get hold of the black box as security in the air depends on it.


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