Eerie Simulation Shows What Would Happen To A Human Body In Space Without A Space Suit

A recent simulation video by DG EYE science on YouTube has thrust viewers into the nightmarish scenario of what would happen to the human body if it were left exposed in space without the protective cocoon of a spacesuit. The results are nothing short of terrifying.

Contrary to popular belief, the video suggests that a human wouldn’t instantly explode in the vacuum of space. Instead, the initial few seconds would witness the gases within the body expanding, causing the rupture of lung tissues. The grim cascade of events unfolds rapidly, with the water on the surface of the eyes, skin, and mouth starting to evaporate within five seconds, and the blood’s water content boiling.

The simulation vividly portrays the body swelling due to the skin’s elasticity and strength, which surprisingly enables it to withstand the pressure in the absence of atmospheric conditions. Eventually, the heart slows down and halts, leading to death by asphyxiation.

Dr. Kris Lehnhardt, element scientist for the Human Research Program at NASA, highlights the severity of the situation, emphasizing that 60% of the human body being composed of water makes this a critical problem. The absence of atmospheric pressure in space allows water within the body to boil, transforming from a liquid to a gas.

Astronaut Jim LeBlanc, an aerospace engineer at NASA, had a close call with this harrowing fate in 1966. While testing spacesuits in a vacuum chamber, the hose supplying pressurized air to his suit disconnected. LeBlanc vividly recalled feeling the saliva on his tongue bubbling just before losing consciousness.

The simulation underscores the gruesome reality of the space environment and provides a chilling perspective on the dangers astronauts face. Despite these horrors, there’s a persistent fascination and desire among individuals to explore and venture into the vast unknown of outer space, a testament to the human spirit’s unyielding curiosity and courage.

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