EcoFarm Lets You Grow Herbs And Keep Fish In One Container

EcoFarm 4

Are you okay with spraying synthetic materials onto the crop you’re growing? We know we are not, because somewhere in the back of our mind we know that it is going to fall into conflict with our health. This is where today’s post comes in with an awesome idea that revolves around getting fertilizer for plants from a source that is unlikely and peculiar.EcoFarm 4

‘EcoFarm’ has been created by Dutch inventors and is best described as a mixture of fish tank and herb box. The idea is to make use of the fish waste as a fertilizer (natural) in order to facilitate the herbs and cherry tomatoes to grow rapidly. The water that contains the waster is made to flow into the ‘grow bed’ in order to feed the plants whereas the plants are used to clean the water in the fish tank below.

The inventors are currently raising funds on Kickstarter and says; ‘We believe that local farming is the first step to deliver fresh tasty fruits and vegetables. With this goal on mind, Ecobird has started to develop a product line based in aquaponics.’EcoFarm 5

Aquaponics is best defined as a system pertaining to food production that makes use of conventional aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaculture is the name given to raising of aquatic life in tanks whereas hydroponic is the name given to plant cultivation within water.

In words of the inventors who are based in Rotterdam, Netherland; ‘EcoFarm is a symbiotic environment where the waste of the fish is used as a natural fertiliser and the plants clean the water. You can grow fresh food with the tiniest amount of effort. The only thing you need to do is feed the fish.’EcoFarm 3

A lot of people over Internet have supported this approach and one of them says; ‘I wanted to see how well the water from my tanks would do as a fertiliser and the results are stunning.’EcoFarm

The EcoFarm will cost you £68 in Europe and the kit will be composed of Fish tank, grow bed, pump, stones and gravel along with seeds to get you started. The product is finalized by making use of injection molding. If the company achieves its funding target, it plans on making the shipment before Christmas.

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