Dyson’s New Solid State Battery Can Efficiently Replace Lithium Ion Batteries

Dyson Invests in Satki3’s New Battery Technology 3

Battery technology has barely changed in the past two decades therefore batteries are in for an upgrade. Satki3 and Dyson, a British vacuum firm, has invested $15 million into this business. This is the first investment Sir James has made outside of this bagless vacuum business. Dyson Invests in Satki3’s New Battery Technology

Satki3’s technology could provide the upgrade that batteries need and use them for doubling the power in phones, making them more energy efficient, cheaper, and easier to build. Dyson has agreed to commercialize the technology. The new solid-state battery technology is a huge improvement on existing lithium-ion batteries, packing them with twice as much power.

Dyson is likely to use the batteries in its cordless vacuum cleaners, which are at the moment powered by old technology. Mobile phone battery life has come to be seen as the biggest missing feature in many newer models these days. Electric cars are entirely dependent on the life of their power bricks, which drivers know well when they worry their car might run out of charge. These issues could be solved by the 600 mile power of Satki3’s batteries. Other than lasting much longer, Sakti3’s batteries are much easier to produce and safer than the most popular existing batteries. Lithium-ion products are based on liquids and can catch fire in bad conditions. Instead, Sakti3’s solid state batteries use solid electrodes, rather than liquid chemicals. The batteries also promise to be cheaper to manufacture, longer lasting and be more environmentally friendly than current lithium-ion batteries. Solid state batteries also remove safety issues. Other than smartphones and cars; the high density, long life batteries could be charged by solar panels during the day, ready to power a throughout the night or when the sun isn’t shining.Dyson Invests in Satki3’s New Battery Technology 2

The range of solid state batteries (SSBs) that store 50 percent more energy than current models is a breakthrough in the power technology. Sir James said, “Sakti3 has achieved leaps in performance which current battery technology simply can’t. It’s these fundamental technologies – batteries-motors – that allow machines to work properly.” The investment from Dyson guarantees that the new battery technology will appear first in Dyson products. Ann Marie Sastry, founder and chief executive of Sakti3, said that the agreement with Dyson will allow the company to bring its technology to the market.

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