Dynamics Wallet Card From Visa And Dynamics Is Here To Declutter Your Pocket

We have seen a number of people carrying half a dozen cards in their pockets or their wallets just to have access to different payment options. What if all those options could be packed into one card? Wouldn’t that be convenient? Well, that is no longer a dream and is about to become a reality with the Dynamics Wallet Card from Visa and Dynamics.

The Dynamics Wallet Card has a programmable display and communication capabilities that come with a mobile phone chip. The card is designed to declutter your pocket and has the ability to store information from debit, credit, and loyalty cards. It does not matter what kind of cards they all were, this all in one card can do it all.

(Source: New Atlas)

It is the same size and shape as that of a regular Visa card. However, it packs a mobile phone chip and an antenna inside which gives it these cool functions. 65,000-pixel display is embedded in the card and allows the data to be transmitted to and from the card anywhere anytime. It also incorporates different types of alerts that are sent to the user like every time they make a purchase and their remaining account balance.

This helps the users keep track of all their activity and if they see something suspicious, or the details are compromised in some way, the bank can deactivate it in an instant and issue a new account number. You can also select the “not me” option on a suspicious purchase and request a new card number then and there.

(Source: New Atlas)

The Dynamics Wallet Card was displayed at the CES and it will be available for customers in a couple of months time.

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