Dutch Just Constructed A Tunnel Under A Highway In Just One Weekend. This Is How They Did It

Dutch Constructed A Tunnel Under a Highway In Just One Weekend_Image 2

Have you ever wondered how long your Monday is and how your weekends fly by so fast? The Dutch have brought a whole new meaning to the fast weekends by getting a complete tunnel built under a highway in one weekend.


Dutch Constructed A Tunnel Under a Highway In Just One Weekend_Image 1
Image Source: Gizmodo


From cutting a freeway in half, removing tons of soil and earth underneath it, and sliding in the tunnel to constructing a new three-lane highway, all the tasks associated with this construction job were completed in one weekend. The tunnel will enable the animals to pass through under the freeway.

A time-lapse video depicts as the 230 feet long tunnel was installed in the Netherlands.



The internet is abuzz with the comments debating the wizardry of this project. Do you think they could do it quicker? Let us know your thoughts in the section below.



  1. svb Reply

    In Flanders they would first destroy the highway, then start planning how to build the tunnel. They would find out it may cost quite some money to build a tunnel, and have to contemplate for years on this, so they build a very preliminary ‘highway’ again to allow the cars to pass in the meantime. As this builder is a friend of the local mayor and not chosen for his quality of work, the road will deteriorate in very high speed. As a safety measure, they will install signs with ‘dangerous road ahead’, and, as local culture prescribes, they would place those behind a tree. People will die on the deteriorated road, and a formal investigation will take place to find out what went wrong. This will take years and years and in the meantime, the idea of a tunnel is suspended. Then, after the investigation is completed, and due to irregularities in the investigation procedure, nobody was found guilty (even though everybody knows the corrupt mayor is at least partly to blame), but the local government will find a way to blame the Wallons or the Dutch for everything that went wrong. After several more months of contemplation, they realize the deteriorated road perfectly fits into the Flamish landscape. They next go to UNESCO to request protection for local heritage for the deteriorated road, which is not granted, to the dismay and disbelief of the local community. Then, the local politicians conclude it is best not to communicate anymore on the tunnel or new highway, effectively leaving everything as it is. The politicians are reelected next year by the local community because of the very professional way they handled the problems related to the tunnel and highway. (I live in Flanders and many Flamish people will be able to relate I’m sure 😉 )

  2. Mthiz Reply

    In South Africa the bridge wont get finished because the tender will be awarded to engineering company without a single engineer

  3. Stanly Hopkins Reply

    In the Philippines 6 to one year. Wiiiiith a possibility of it never ever finishing because of corruption. But hey, Change is comming.

  4. Bdg Reply

    In India it would take at least three years to do the same job and three more months to get it inaugurated.

  5. James Smith Reply

    In Brazil, a similar project would take six months to a year. It would also require three times the number of people and would have to be repaired at least once a year. More work for more people and damn the expense. Yes, I live in Brazil and I am not exaggerating even a little.

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