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Durabulb Is The World’s First Unbreakable LED Light Bulb

You know how the usual LED bulbs must be padded to avoid damage? No more! Durabulb is the world’s first nearly unbreakable bulb can endure almost anything you throw its way, including being dropped off from the top of a building.


Image Source: Lighting Science


The LED lamp has been developed by Lighting Science who claim that the Durabulb is the world’s first nearly unbreakable LED bulb. As opposed to the incandescent bulbs, this lightweight LED light cuts down energy consumption to 80 percent.


Image Source: Lighting Science


The ultra-rugged design of the Durabulb also reduces the packaging costs associated with the other LED lamps available in the market. The durable design also makes shipment easier. Durabulb was recently endorsed by The Revenant hero, Leonardo DiCaprio who praised the company’s efforts towards alleviating the problem of overfilled landfills in the US.

“[Durabulb is a] great new, innovative light bulb that uses about 80% less energy and has a takeback program to keep it out of landfills.”


Image Source: Lighting Science


The Business Development Executive Vice President for Lighting Science said that Durabulb would significantly reduce environmental problems.

“Lighting Science is committed to creating products that promote sustainability and low carbon economies. By choosing the lightweight Durabulb instead of other LED bulbs, Americans have the opportunity to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with LED lights by 20,000 tonnes a year. That’s the equivalent of driving a car across the United States 16,213 times.”

The Secret behind the Shatter-proof Design of Durabulb

The flexible, and elastic polycarbonate plastic case of the Durabulb imparts strength to its design. The team at Lighting Science bashed the LED light with a tennis racket to test its resistance. Next, they had fun dropping it off a building.



To test how Durabulb will endure the shipping torture, Ramsay said that the LS team tried the US Postal system.

“We even mailed it unpackaged through the U.S. postal system, with nothing but a label on it, and it still worked.”


Image Source: Lighting Science


Owing to it shatter-proof design, Durabulb can be shipped in plastic tubs, using up to 30 percent less packaging material than the other bulbs. These unbreakable LEDs can last up to 10,000 hours.


Image Source: Lighting Science


Lighting Science also offers a take-back program via which the users can trade in the Durabulbs after the warranty expires and win a coupon for 50 percent discount. A tub of 20 Durabulbs will cost you $30.