This Dumb Phone Cures The Smartphone Addiction By Only Allowing Calls And Text Messages

Light 2 phone

Light 2 is a stylist dumb phone that eliminates the time-wasting distractions from your life and reminds of the good old days of simple phones. The original Light mobile phone was launched in 2015. The user of Light was only able to make and take calls. But then the creators of Light, Joe Hollier, and Kai Tang, decided to improve the usefulness of the phone while still keeping the distractions of a smartphone away. They recently launched Light 2 recently which has features like text messaging, alarm clock and a headphone jack.

Giving an interview they said, “Light Phone 2 encourages you to spend more quality time doing the things you love most, free of distractions. Enjoy a morning jog, a drink with an old friend, a night on the town or day at the park with your kids, waking up with a coffee and a good book, a trip to the beach, or simply some time away from your Instagram.” Data released from an analytics company Flurry showed that an average person in the US spends about five hours each day on their smartphone. Another study from the tech-support firm Asurion found that Americans check their phones at an average of 80 times per day.

These are some really alarming numbers and to make the things worse, scientists have reported that using the screen for a lot of time affects our brain negatively. Especially when it comes to children. Smartphone app developers are using apps that can get a user hooked faster and for long periods of time. This is not a surprise that smartphone addiction is a very serious issue and it is also getting worse day by day. While the world is becoming more connected with the passage of time, it has become hard to imagine routine lives without our smartphones.

Light 2 cannot replace Apple or Android devices but it can help to reduce the effects of smartphone addiction by allowing the user to ‘go light’ once in a while. The user will still be able to get in touch with the important people of their life but will be free from all those apps which create distractions and waste the time. The makers of the Light phone said. “By allowing you to leave behind your smartphone, it encourages you to spend quality time doing the things you love the most, free of distraction. We call this ‘going light. The Light Phone 2 brings a few essential tools, like messaging and an alarm clock, so it’s even easier to ditch your smartphone more often, or for good. It’s a phone that actually respects you.”

The Light 2 has the size of a credit card and only 6.5 mm thick. It can easily fit in a pocket or even a wallet. There is no need to check the phone every few minutes and you can allow yourself to enjoy the freedom and interact with real-life people, which is becoming a rare act now. Just like the NoPhone or Substitute Phone, the Light 2 phone also carries a message that encourages people to disconnect from the digital world once in a while. Its design and features can actually attract the smartphone users who are frustrated with their complex devices.

However, getting rid of the smartphone addiction is not cheap. The Light 2 phone is expected to be priced around $400. This is actually much expensive than many smartphones. With 24 days still remaining in the deadline, the company’s campaign named Indiegogo has raised $360,000 leaving its $250,000 goal behind.

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