Aussie Bloke Builds An Elaborate Lego Train Set And Puts A Camera To Record Its Travels

lego train

Love trains? Ever wish you had a full fledged track right in your backyard?  If so, you are going to get impressed and jealous at the same time as you watch this elaborate Lego train set made by an Aussie bloke.

Lego can turn even the oldest of us back into children, and something similar happened with Australian YouTuber “TrainGuy 659”. He has recently uploaded a video flaunting a ridiculously impressive Lego train set, with a camera on top that records all the intricacies of the travels.

Credits: comedyflavors

This miniature masterpiece has already racked up almost half a million views, and with Lego tracks, trains and an absolutely rockin’ soundtrack, there is really nothing more a guy can ask for!


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