Dubai Makes A New World Record On New Year Eve By Using 500,000 Fireworks In Just 6 Minutes

New Year Eve 2014

Dubai FireworksWhile 2013 was taking its last breaths, Dubai was all set to etch its name in Guinness World Record books pertaining to pyrotechnics show. The New Year’s Eve was celebrated in Dubai with a bang that has made Dubai the centre of attraction again. This spectacular show lasted for about six minutes and more than 500,000 fireworks were exploded. The fireworks covered an area of 62 miles of seafront and the whole show ended with a spectacular sunset that was also artificial. The whole show required assistance from 100 computers and planning of 10 months. How much did it cost? Well, a hefty 6 million Dollars!

DubaiThe previous record for the pyrotechnics show was held by Kuwait which was the use of 77,282 fireworks back in 2012. Have fun watching the video below that was also streamed live on YouTube as well.

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  1. Mursaleen Reply

    This was really awesome <3 New year and 2 december amazing events in UAE 🙂

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