Dubai Just Carried Out The World’s First Iron Man-Style Jet-Suit Race

In a groundbreaking event that echoed scenes from the iconic superhero movie ‘Iron Man,’ Dubai witnessed its first-ever jet suit race on Wednesday. Organized by Gravity Industries in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council, pilots showcased their prowess in navigating the city-state’s skyline with jet engines strapped to their hands and backs.

Against the backdrop of Dubai Marina’s towering skyscrapers, pilots adorned in jet suits displayed remarkable agility as they maneuvered through the course. Richard Browning, founder and chief test pilot for Gravity Industries, likened the experience to fulfilling the dream of flight, stating, “The closest analogy would be that dream of flying… and then go wherever your mind is taking you.”

With each jet suit boasting an impressive 1,500 horsepower, surpassing the power of luxury sports cars, the competition unfolded on a runway utilized by Skydive Dubai, known for its exhilarating experiences.

Despite the jet suits’ capacity to reach speeds of up to 80 mph, pilots navigated a water channel course for safety reasons. While minor collisions occurred between racers, the Emirati pilot, with just 12 days of training, demonstrated resilience by swiftly resurfacing after a fall, signaling his readiness to continue.

The race culminated with UK’s Pilot Issa Kalfon emerging as the victor, crossing the finish line to claim a coveted golden jet turbine. Reflecting on the nerve-wracking moments before takeoff, Kalfon described the sensation of the engines revving up, stating, “Everything’s hot, it’s running, the engines are screaming at you. And the flag drops, and it’s just – you absolutely go for it.”

Gravity Industries garnered international acclaim by collaborating with the Dubai Sports Council, marking a significant stride beyond military applications. From daring maritime landings to high-speed races amidst Dubai’s skyline, the jet suit phenomenon continues to captivate audiences with its futuristic allure and boundless possibilities.

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