Dubai Has Opened The World’s Deepest Pool, And It Is Like An Underwater City

Dubai has always been a trendsetter in finding innovative and aesthetically pleasing ways to boost its tourism. One can always expect to find state-of-the-art monuments and concepts while traveling through the touristic country. In fact, it is one of the major things the arena is famous for. Let it be rejuvenating beaches, mesmerizing tall buildings, or expansive and extravagant shopping zones, Dubai sets an example in every aspect of entertainment, fun, and tourism.

One of its most recent developments is that of the world’s deepest pool which goes 196 feet deep. All the medical and geographic concerns were taken into consideration while constructing the site and designing the whole experience. Moreover, people who dive into the pool are advised not to go to heights above 1000 ft immediately after diving which also includes not going to the top floors of Burj al Khalifah.

It is an understatement to call this new addition just a pool because the contents of the experience and the site suggest otherwise. The site is called the Deep Dive Dubai and has a huge underwater ghost town created for exploration by the divers. It also has a film room with a functional media room and an arcade.

The temperature of the water is maintained at a comfortable 86 degrees Fahrenheit and is 14 million liters in volume. The divers can choose between swimsuits or wetsuits as per their convenience and preference. For the safety of divers, 56 cameras are installed for surveillance, so divers are recorded and not let out of sight. There is also a pressure room where divers can go for stable pressure to adjust if they feel any inconvenience or suffocation. Hence, the pool is entirely prepared for every situation while providing the best experience to its consumers. The site will be open to the public by the end of this year.

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