Drone Video Shows Tons Of Teslas Ready To Be Shipped All Over The World From China

The Giga Shanghai facility is on overdrive, swiftly churning out Tesla cars destined for global markets. Recent drone footage by Tesla enthusiast Wu Wa provides a captivating view of the bustling Shanghai South Port, showcasing thousands of Tesla vehicles lined up for shipment to Asia and Europe.

The sight of a vast number of vehicles stationed at the Shanghai South Port signals a significant wave of Tesla shipments. These cars, conspicuously right-hand drive variants, suggest that their intended destination is Europe, ruling out the possibility of reaching Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.

The uploader of the video predicts that this massive transport operation is set to depart from the port on January 8, marking the beginning of their journey to eager customers. The anticipation builds as Giga Shanghai continues to meet Elon Musk’s lofty expectations, with over 60,000 Teslas delivered in China just before Christmas Day. The company’s ambitious target of 1.8 million sales in 2023 hangs in the balance, and the imminent shipment could play a pivotal role in determining if this milestone is within reach.

Giga Shanghai is Tesla’s largest production facility, boasting an estimated annual vehicle production capacity exceeding 950,000. As the exclusive site for manufacturing the new-generation Tesla Model 3, the factory has played a crucial role in meeting the soaring demand for electric vehicles. Notably, Giga Shanghai is the only wholly-owned and operated production center by a foreign automaker in China without a joint venture with a local company.

Tesla’s foray into the Chinese automotive market through Giga Shanghai began with the construction in December 2018 and production initiation one year later. The facility marked its inaugural delivery on December 30, 2019, with the first Chinese customers receiving their Model 3s on January 7, 2020. The factory, operating on a single shift, achieves an impressive output of approximately 2,000 cars per week, including the higher-volume production of the Model Y. Furthermore, the updated Model Y, currently under development, is poised to join the assembly line in the near future, reinforcing Giga Shanghai’s pivotal role in Tesla’s global strategy.

Giga Shanghai’s swift production pace and efficient global distribution contribute significantly to Tesla’s pursuit of dominance in the electric vehicle market. The facility’s unique status as a wholly-owned foreign operation in China reflects the innovative and trailblazing approach that has become synonymous with Tesla’s ventures worldwide.

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