Drone Umbrella Will Always Keep You In The Shade

drone umbrella

Drones these days have pretty impressive skills like package delivery to flying into your open windows. Engineers at Asahi Power Service have just unveiled their drone “umbrella sidekick”. It is designed to be used on golf courses and has an estimated launch date of 2019.

The drone is named ‘Free Parasol’. It can hover its 11-pound body for 20 minutes on a full charge. This short flight time might sound like a drawback, but there is more. You can simply change batteries and get it up again. The Free Parasol is expected to cost about $275 at launch. Surprisingly, the drone with umbrella cannot be used in the rain. It is a shade-making umbrella and not one that would keep you dry, though Asahi Power Service is working on a waterproof model that could be used in the rain. Check out the video below:

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