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Download 45 Awesome Linux Wallpapers

HD Linux Wallpapers: Download 45 Linux wallpapers that are super awesome. These HD Linux wallpapers are simple to download – just click on the image below. Let us know your favorite Linux wallpaper in comments below.

Linux wallpapers comprises mainly of the Linux embedded logos.  By incorporating a penguin in the logo, Linux has tried to make its logo fun and interactive. In Linux wallpapers, you would observe lots of penguins and hence their associations with Linux.

Programmers and Linux lovers surely would love these wallpapers and would love to have them on their desktop or laptop screens. Linux is an open-source operating system modelled on Unix and well Unix is an operating system just like windows and DOS.  The way some people like to have windows wallpapers for their computers, there are people who want to have Linux wallpapers and for all these people we have lined up a great collection of Linux wallpapers.

You will find this collection of Linux wallpapers funky and cute at the same time. The same Linux penguin is seen in different situations in the Linux wallpapers. In some of the wallpapers, the Linux penguin has some sort of a weapon giving an indication of the Penguin force and in some of the Linux wallpapers the same penguin is seen stalling around, taking a walk in a lush green garden. In the other Linux wallpapers, you would find the Linux penguin with playful lines meant for the top Unix competitor windows.

If you do not have the wallpapers from this Linux wallpapers collection, you surely, are missing a lot. To download these wallpapers for free, right click on the linux wallpapers you want to download and go to the option ‘save image as’ and there you have it.

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