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Download 35 Crisp Free Mexico Wallpapers : The Taco Heaven

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The Central American country of Mexico is an exciting destination for holidaymakers to visit, and also possesses a rich and varied culture to explore. Maybe you have already downloaded some Mexico wallpapers and, intrigued by these pictures, are planning your trip, or maybe you just want to see what the country has to offer. Either way, you will find that it does indeed have much to offer the traveller and cultural explorer.

Mexico has a heritage that comes from two different streams of culture. Firstly, there is the original Mexican culture, which has existed long before Europeans set foot on the land. Secondly there is the more recent European heritage. The culture clash that happened when the Europeans invaded can be explored today. In fact, most of Mexico’s population is descended from both indigenous and European ancestry.

One important thing to remember when traveling to Mexico is where it is safe to stay. It has a reputation as being a dangerous country, but in Mexico City, for example, it has a crime rate of less than Washington D.C. In fact you may find that large parts of Mexico are much more developed than you will realize. The problems are still very real of course but there is much to be enjoyed in this exciting country.

It has a number of buildings from colonial times that are exquisitely built. The ancient Mayan temples are a tourist attraction that brings in a lot of people a year just to see them. The food of Mexico is known to the world through things like tacos, and burritos, but it also has a great deal of fine restaurants that offer many different Mexican dishes too. The drink most associated with the country, tequila, can be sampled at the original source, the town of Tequila, where a number of distilleries are situated. So whatever reason you visit Mexico, you are very likely to enjoy it and the dreams you may have had when you looked at the Mexico wallpapers can be fulfilled.

mexico wallpaper 1
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