The DonBot: Donald Trump Robot Will Teach How To Tackle Handshakes

Since President Trump took office he had a lot of meetings with all the leaders around the world and during those meetings, happened many awkward handshakes as well. But with a little training, those awkward handshakes with notorious grip can be defeated. In a hilarious video, a robot was demonstrated called the Donald Trump Handshake Robot. It aims to mimic the surprising nature of the president’s handshake to show the best option for reciprocating.

The video is created by a YouTube channel Useless Duck Company. The company’s CEO, Mike, told that the robot was made to simulate the exact handshake of the president. The robot is basically just a robotic arm which is decorated with a large suit and has a cut-out of the president’s face. The robot can do several forms of handshakes like regular, hand on a shoulder and locking fingers.

President Trump has become known for his awkward handshakes with grips that last a little too long. Not only that, some handshakes were accompanied with a forceful pull that draws the other person close. The robot does the same and even mimic the real-life unpredictability

Mike explains, “You just press this button and then the Arduino will pick a random time between 1 and 5 seconds.” This is important, as, with the President, you cannot predict when you arm is going to be pulled. “Once the time is reached the solenoid will charge an air piston which will retract the arm.”

The video shows, robot beating its creator every time except, when the mode of greeting is changed. Mike said that the most effective option appears to be a fist bump. However, practicing on this bot might enable you to tackle the handshakes of the President in case you get to see him one day.

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