Donald Trump Now Has A Mobile Game, And It Is Awesome


Donald Trump has been on the receiving end of many online trolls and pranks, and it look likes this is not stopping anytime in the future. The presidential race has been unusually controversial, and now a dedicated mobile game based on the Presidential candidate Donald Trump looks to add fuel to the fire.

This Friday Apple and Google Play Store featured a mobile game called, Jrump and since then has been making shockwaves around the digital media. The game is based on Donald Trump and his antics during the current Presidential race, and it challenges you to build – what Trump loves the most – Walls! A character strikingly looking like Donald Trump jumps over the user created walls to reach higher and higher scores. He even eventually reaches into outer space, chanting a variant of his election slogan, “make the galaxy great again.”

The game also features many other political figures, such as jetpack wearing Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Kim Jong Un and President Barack Obama attacking Trump along his way to “greatness”. Of course, neither Trump nor any of the opponents are directly mentioned in the game, but the remarkable imitation is enough to surely trigger a response from the Presidential candidate sooner or later.

The game starts in 2017, where America is seen to be in utter doom and destruction while Trump is the President residing in the White House. But he is seen claiming to have done “a great job” and then urges the people to download the “greatest mobile game of all time”.



Trump bounces off the walls you create and along the way kicks, punches and abuses his political adversaries, as well as Mexicans and other minorities. He is also seen dodging global warming scientists toting books of facts.
The question remains how will this be absorbed and reacted to by Trump. But irrespective of whichever camp you belong to, its amazing gameplay, hilarious satire and apt political references are sure keep you engaged. This is gonna be “Yuuuge”.



You can download the New Zealand-based app for free on both iOS and Android.

Have you tried the game for yourself? What is your response to it? Comment below!

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